Environment and climate change

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Environment and climate change

Global concerns such as climate protection, preserving biodiversity, protecting forests and combating desertification are a challenge to the community of nations.Integrity Solution supports processes for developing the international environmental regime, and advises its partners in implementing this.

In anchor countries and emerging nations, Integrity Solution disseminates concepts for resource efficiency and recycling. It assists developing countries in decentralising management of natural resources, to ensure greater efficiency and closer orientation to local needs.


We develop custom solutions for predictive modeling, database management, and web application development in the area of climate change resilience

Including analysis of extreme weather events, erosion mitigation, agricultural conservation practices, and resilience of transportation infrastructure to flooding.

Our tools help stakeholders make decisions related to climate change based on the best available models and data. We connect clients to rich data through accessible, interactive, user friendly web applications.

Conserving natural resources is a basic requirement for sustainable development and improving the quality of human life. To reverse the trend towards resource degradation, we need to give greater priority to ecological principles.

Integrity India assists its partners in identifying the wide range of causes of environmental risks. It helps modernise environmental policy at all levels, advises on regional environmental cooperation and develops strategies to embed environmental protection in other areas of policy.

With our experience in a wide range of countries, our technical competence, experience in moderation and methodologies, know-how on organisational development, environmental communication and conflict management, we are a partner you can count on.

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