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Impact Analysis Solutions

Impact analysis is a proven best practice that prevents the costly, embarrassing application problems that have become more frequent with modern software "stacks". Impact analysis helps organizations maintain efficient, consistent and highly leveraged code streams.

With Integrity Solution, impact analysis is simple, complete and 100% reliable. Integrity Solution uses "semantic" code search techniques across all software source code in your organization, so that the code dependency identification at the core of impact analysis can be performed quickly and confidently. Results are instantaneous and reflect the current state of all software projects across all of your organization's code assets.

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Software Impact Analysis

Modern software is built by integrating many components including library elements, frameworks, scripts, APIs, plug-ins and platforms. Changing any element within this software stack can introduce functional defects, scalability issues and performance problems that can unintentionally compromise code requirements, code quality, application availability and user experience. In typical situations, multiple projects can be affected by even simple changes; "remediation" costs can be significant.

By isolating fixes to individual teams, separate, forked code streams emerge and quickly evolve. This leads to functional inconsistencies across products and establishes a significant but completely unnecessary code maintenance liability.

In response to this situation, development teams are adopting impact analysis best practices. When a component change is being considered, a dedicated team if first assigned to inspect the organizations code on a project-by-project basis. Dependencies to/from the proposed change are pinpointed and studied in each project, usually with ad hoc code scanning tools. With multiple projects, the team needs to gain access to each development environment and manually perform the dependency analyses. The process is time consuming and error prone, typically requiring days to week of effort to complete the analysis.

Impact Analysis Solutions

Integrity Solution is the only enterprise search engine that provides instant, comprehensive and reliable dependency results for impact analysis.

This is made possible by two important capabilities that are unique to Integrity Solution. The Integrity Solution indexing engine automatically maintains an up-to-date, searchable and browsable archive of all the code in your organization's version control systems. And - Integrity Solution's semantic code search capability lets users quickly pinpoint sources and calls for functions, APIs, methods and properties. Through a simple browser interface, users can instantly access the information they need to perform impact analysis. With Integrity Solution, users can:

Discover all instances of specific function calls, API uses and method sets/gets.

Track utilization level trends for key components or scripts.

Discover functional and object use variations.

Pinpoint beneficial refactoring and code consolidation opportunities.