Remote Livestock Management

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Remote LiveStock Management

You should adopt advanced animal husbandry practices to boost the quality and quantity of produce. Your agricultural farm needs to replace manual bookkeeping methods with accurate data management techniques. Most important, your produce at retail shelves and processing units should be traceable from the source to comply with food safety regulations.

The Integrity Solution Agriculture practice partners with animal breeders and industrial growers to modernize livestock management. We enable herd management in remote locations with tracking devices such as Global Positioning System (GPS) collars, Internet of Things (IoT) implants or Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags for animals. Accurate monitoring helps you customize the diet and care at every stage of the animal’s lifecycle. In addition, it significantly reduces the loss of livestock due to theft.

software Development

Integrity Solution implements shared ledger technologies to connect the moving parts of the livestock ecosystem. The ledger ensures data integrity, traceability and authentication by recording details of the farmer, animal and relevant certificates. It connects the market with livestock farms in real time and facilitates sale and purchase via electronic auctions. The cryptographic mechanism also supports the settlement process for insurance claims.


Online database provides comprehensive records of each animal, including pedigree, feed and health.

Digital ecosystem enhances productivity and efficiency of livestock farms, and facilitates informed decisions such as field rotation among animals.

Analytical solutions consolidate data about farm animals and analyze herd behavior to detect illness, manage nutrition, and improve breeding.

Insights into animal behavior and dietary requirement streamline procurement of animal feed and supplements.

On-demand access to records of animals enables e-verification and minimizes trade settlement time.

Digital ledger improves pricing power through real-time visibility into inventory, cost of feed, veterinary expenses, overheads, and income.