Farm Management Solutions

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Farm Management Solutions

Farm Management Solutions offers your business the tools, experience, and the success for your business by pooling the resources of many of agricultural growers, agricultural organizations, and agricultural associations. Farm Management Solutions is a business oriented and driven organization. We are not an agricultural educational organization, at least for the moment. FMS is the first and the only company in India with this concept. FMS wants to take care of all the farmer’s needs on both the business and personal level. Our current list of services will continue to grow as our membership grows. There will be almost no limitation for what we can offer our members as long as it makes sense. Membership with FMS would include:

Farm Management Solution

multi-location, multi-crop software platform which keeps track of farmer info with unique id

Complete control over single digital platform for entire process management

Farm to Fork Traceability

Table control of farms located at remote locations.

Increased operational efficiency and MIS Reports.

Useful in macro level crop planning, scheduling, procurement and supply.

Inventory tracking and analysis.

Business Analytics

Business insight to make the right decision.

Farm Management Solution Business intelligence Suite empowers business users to quickly generate reports with options to define various report templates. Rich interfaces in multiple dashboard formats help users at different levels in the enterprise create reports that suit their specific needs.

Maintains history of practices adopted and daily operations

Optimization of cost of production to increase economic returns.

Tree encoding and asset valuation.

Faster decision making through intelligent data analytics.Finance module and crop wise financial reports.

Geographic Information System

Integrity Solution GIS provides real time information to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Heat Maps help stakeholders to understand, analyze and visualize production areas to manage fields more efficiently.

Achieving water conservation.

Geo-mapping and Crop Scouting solutions.

Integrates with hand-held devices

Farm Management Solutions Integrates with hand-held devices,Tracks and captures Field details for labor attendance, crop harvest,feeds,seeds and material consumption

Configure for complex organization business structures including multiple subsidiaries, business units, legal entities, crops, languages, and currencies.

Make quicker and smarter decisions on the go.

PanAgro allows real time data access through mobile devices and tablets to determine productivity, monitor sales, track field attendance, analyze financial data, and measure employee performance.


Choose between on-cloud or on-premise model based on your infrastructure, technology needs and medium to long-term growth plans.

Higher accessibility through mobile client app.