Mining ERP

We know the secret of your success

Integrated mining ERP and business process management software to profitably bring your projects online

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of mining companies globally. With industry specific functionality our System allows you to underpin your administrative and operational success with robust business processes that support firstly, the construction of your mine, and secondly, your ongoing production.

Currently we have a few solutions like enterprise solutions tailored to mining industry and specifically for the Open Pit Granite Mining Companies in India who are involved in Extracting, Mining, Finishing & Export of Granite Rough Blocks to various countries.

We also are willing to customize this ERP to different Mining Industries where it works towards creating solutions, working from conceptualisation till implementation, focusing on building capabilities that address industry challenges.

Mining Enterprise Resource Planning

Our Software Can be Customized for the following Mining Industries:

Base metals


Precious metals (Gold, Cooper)

Iron , Uranium,

Coal, Diamonds, Limestone,

Oil shale, Rock salt, Potash.

Deployment of our Systems provides scalability and flexibility to meet today’s business challenges:

Provide a single point of accountability.

Promote rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

Respond quickly to the ever-changing demands facing your service organization.

Manage and automate every aspect of your business all within a single solution.

The entire solution is designed around your business allowing you to more easily:

Streamline and optimise the performance of your entire operations with robust business processes.

Manage and report on all of your financial and accounting obligations, including JV agreements.

Make the right decisions that effectively balance short term profitably against long term organisational goals.

Approve, manage and track project expenditure, including on plant development and mine construction, at any level of detail.

Manage and mitigate risk by providing you with the right tools at the right time.

Give you complete oversight and report on all aspects of your infrastructure developments.

Retain and manage your workforce.

Monitor and manage asset performance and increase asset utilisation.

Capture and compare financial metrics to operational outputs (such as tonnes milled).

Predict and respond to cyclical and fluctuating demand as well as market changes.

Access the software in the cloud or on your own hardware.